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Biker Bucket List

28 November 2019

Biker Bucket List

We ALL have something we like to do or experience to compliment our rides on our motorcycles. Whether it being searching for the best food or the most beautiful scenery. With Sturgis this week it makes for a good discussion. Brian’s Harley Davidson has been open for many years and we have heard some amazing stories from our customers about riding trips they have taken. Sometimes they go with friends or clubs but a lot of the time they go on these excursions by themselves. One of our customers often rides to Pittsburgh just for pizza. Pittsburgh is about 5 hours from where we are located. He spends 10 hours on his Harley to go eat pizza. He has to literally pass thousands of pizza places but he has to go to this one pizza place because it’s “the best.” Some may think it’s a little much for pizza but we admire it.

Sedona, Arizona seems to be a popular location on rider’s Bucket Lists. Often we hear people dreaming of riding a Harley through the Arizona desert and the red rocks of Sedona. I was there before and it was absolutely incredible. I just wish I had my Harley with me. So now I HAVE to go back because any experience is better when you’re on a Harley- Davidson.

Whatever you have on your Biker Bucket List don’t forget about it. Write it down. It’s easy to lose thoughts dealing with everyday life… You have a motorcycle? Take advantage of it.